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What's new for Series 7 of Knightmare? A summary of the main differences.

Start of Series

Spying a bottle, Treguard suspects that Pickle has taken to drink. As he opens it, a genie emerges and quickly establishes her presence.

She introduces the first dungeonner, to her own horror.

To see what happens next, start with Team 1.

Similarities and Differences

Treguard shared the role of bringing new teams into the game with his feisty new assistant, Majida.

Episodes begin with brief progress reports from Treguard over the previous theme tune (Series 4-5). It is the first time that episodes begin this way.

A new helmet with visor is introduced to accommodate new in-game visual elements. A variety of sight-based potions and spells gave dungeoneers the ability to share the advisors’ view through the helmet.

Treguard: "We changed the design because the old one was getting too well known."

CITV reverted to audio-continuities this year, which meant no guest appearances or competitions.

You can still see some trailers/idents from 1993.


There is no longer a 'Choice of Paths'. Instead, Treguard usually announced the quest object before the team began. With shorter episode intros, this allowed more time for gameplay.

The route to Level 3 was normally hidden and required Hordriss to reveal it.

Following the destruction of Mount Fear, Lord Fear's new palace is the CGI-generated Black Tower of Goth. Listen out for numerous references to how unnatural it looks. The first line of defence was a sewer, which dungeoneers had to cross.

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A whole suite of new characters was introduced. The tricky Scaramonger and Elita were replaced by Rothberry and Romahna, which generally played into the hands of the Powers that Be. The puzzles, however, were increasingly difficult.

The long-standing Motley made way for a new character, Fidjit, although this was reversed for the final series.

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Dungeoneers were no longer shown outside of the dungeon at the end of their quest.

Start of Episode

The progress report from Treguard at the start of subsequent episodes. This sample is from Episode 4.

An animated hourglass signalled 'game on'.

End of Episode

At "time out", the hourglass would appear and run empty.

Episodes finished with discussion between Treguard and Majida. (This is from Episode 13.)