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Team 7: Barry, Simon, Derek and Daniel from Worcestershire.

The seventh and final quest of Series 7 was for the Shield and lasted 63 minutes.


Majida is convinced that girls are the only winning option. She proposes 'throwing him back to get another girl'!

Famous last words. Barry looks lost for words.

Level 1

Barry meets Brother Strange in the dwarf tunnels. The monk offers a spyglass in exchange for a proverb.

Spyglass: Lord Fear is promoting his new 'shell phone'.

Lissard reports that he has broken Grimaldine's staff into four and scattered the pieces throughout the level. Lord Fear wants the pieces recovered before a dungeoneer can reunite them.

Barry arrives in a sandy cove outside a fortress. Romahna is shooting at goblins from a distance.

Barry keeps asking for the green staff piece behind her. Eventually she relents. She provides cover-fire while he escapes.

The Level 1 clues are: a helmet; a glowlight; a knife; and a bottle labelled 'Speedwell'. The scroll reads: "Go quickly upon dark paths. Seek weapons and protection."

They take the Speedwell and the glowlight.

Rothberry is in a mossy clearing. The team trades the Speedwell potion for a piece of Grimaldine's staff that has ended up on the apothecary's stall.

However, as goblin horns sound, a conscience-stricken Rothberry hands back the potion to help Barry escape.

Into the moving floor room. The team proceeds swiftly towards the exit before Simon (advisor) notices the staff piece on the side wall.

They risk going back to collect it, despite a band of goblins poised beside the wall. As Barry stretches up the wall, he gets perilously close to the edge.

You are quite right about the tottering on the edge in the fireball room. At the time, we couldn't see that. The lighting in the studio meant the screen was a lot darker to us. We could barely see the edges, let alone navigate them properly! - Simon

Into a barn attic, which is very dark. The glowlight only lights up a small area around Barry, so he goes on a rapid search of the room to find the final staff piece.

They eventually find it in the adjacent corner.

In next room, Sylvester Hands bursts in with two goblins. Barry drinks the Speedwell potion, which reduces the assailants to slow motion.

Grimaldine is slumped at the gateway. His magic staff, now complete, returns to his side.

Barry claims the credit with Grimaldine and earns a firestone for travel on Smirkenorff.

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