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Team 6: Julie, Helen, Samantha and Helen from Leek, Staffordshire.

The sixth quest of Series 7 was for the Sword and lasted 50 minutes.


Majida: "This is our sixth chance to beat them? Not much of a chance with this one..."

Level 1

The quest begins in a dwarf tunnel, where Julie encounters Brother Strange.

Brother Strange: "My only advice to you is to seek the apothecary, but do not go empty-handed."

They arrive at Grimdale. Goblin horns sound, but Treguard tells everyone not to panic.

Treguard: "Grimdale is an official sanctuary, which means that folk from the dungeons and other places are allowed in here in trade, so long as they show no aggression."

Spyglass: Lissard unveils a cunning plan to capture Romahna, which will help them get to Smirkenorff. Fear decides to send the brigand, Raptor.

Lord Fear: "About time he earned his ship's biscuit."

Julie is approached by Romahna, who accuses her of robbing stallholders. They warn her about Lord Fear's plan to kidnap her.

In exchange, she points them in the direction of the apothecary's stall.

Romahna: "He's an alchemist as well as an apothecary and the Town Fathers can't abide explosions."

Another wooded clearing, where they find some clues: a bar of gold, an Arkenstone, and a bottle of Catnip.

The scroll reads: "Newsflash! Romahna captured by Raptor! Dragon-girl doomed!"

Julie takes the gold and the Catnip. A pooka appears for the first time this season!

Rothberry's stall is on the outskirts of town. As Julie arrives, we find out why - he has a mishap and sends something up in smoke.

Rothberry soon realises that his destroyed potion could have been valuable to the team. However, he finds some INSIGHT powder to exchange for gold.

A troll is patrolling the gate. Julie uses the powder for extra vision to get past it. 

At the gateway, Raptor is torturing Romahna to open the door. Julie drinks the Catnip and turns into a large black cat, scaring off the superstitious brigand.

Raptor: "Lordship or no lordship, I want no part of this..."

Romahna opens the gate and orders Smirkenorff to take Julie to Level 2.

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