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Team 5: Ben, Jonathan, Tim and Ben from Salisbury.

The fifth quest of Series 7 was for the Cup and lasted 33 minutes.


Lord Fear interrupts the introduction of the new team.

  • Lord Fear: "The bigger they come, the harder they fall."
  • Treguard: "Lord Fear... you will cease intrusive behaviour until game on."
  • Lord Fear: "I merely wanted a sneak preview of my latest victim. See you later, goblin fodder!"

Ben looks amused. This one will be a contest, one suspects.

Level 1

Within seconds, a goblin horn sounds and Romahna the Dragon Warden swoops in. She helps Ben out of the dwarf tunnel.

They emerge in a clearing. She tells Ben he will need a firestone to reach Level 2. That means getting some 'hot' magic.

The clues they find are: a bar of gold, some skeleton keys, and a mop. The scroll reads: "Wipe away ignorance and unlock magic". They take the keys and the mop.

Sidriss is in a blue room with her cat, Bethsemane. She mistakes Ben for the cleaner, and suggests that they start mopping the floor by the table.

Treguard: "If this is a favourite place of Sidriss, it's almost bound to be packed with secrets - some of them magic, even! It could be best to humour her."

As Ben starts mopping, he uncovers some letters on the floor. It's a hidden spell, INSIGHT.

A firestone is in the firebomb room. The INSIGHT spell helps Ben to retrieve it and move to safety, then to escape the room. 

In a courtyard, they find Fidjit in the pillory. They have a key, but take a long time to decide whether to not to help him.

Once they realise they will receive no help if they don't let him out, they hand over the key.

Fidjit takes them into the gateway room and opens the door to Smirkenorff. The firestone is used as payment to get to Level 2.

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