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Team 4: Naila, Aquila, Asmita and Samreen from London.

The fourth quest of Series 7 was for the Crown and lasted 32 minutes.

Level 1

They meet Brother Strange in the dwarf tunnel. Naila is unsure what to say when he asks her name!

Strange alerts them to Sylvester Hands, who he says is lurking in masquerade.

They arrive at the inn, where they are greeted by the maid Marta.

A rowdy entertainer (Hands in disguise) comes in and sneezes over the patrons. He tries to recruit Naila by giving her a horn which can be used to call him.

Naila then tells Marta about the disguise. In return, Marta says that Grimaldine the wizard has been travelling a lot on Smirkenorff, so he must have a supply of firestones.

Into a clearing, where they find silver and a scroll. It reads: 'Use this to Buy Time'.

They find Rothberry the Apothecary dealing out his dubious wares on unsuspecting patients.

Rothberry: "Let me know how it goes… I really haven't got a clue."

Naila exchanges the silver for a potion and a spyglass. The team keeps asking for more, so Rothberry has a joke at their expense.

Rothberry: "These are bats' droppings. You pop one of these under your pillow and in the morning you have no trouble getting up."

Spyglass: Grimaldine threatens Lord Fear with revenge if the Brollachan is not returned. He will discover the entrance to the Black Tower by torturing one of Fear's servants.

Grimaldine: "I believe you have little experience of green magic. We will change that!"

Fear orders the recall of everyone in Level 1.

They encounter a troll blocking the way. The potion gives Naila a hazy view, so she still needs careful guidance. Asmita just tells her to run, which is almost calamitous.

Grimaldine is sat at the gateway. Aware he is looking for a servant of the opposition, Naila gives him the horn to summon Sylvester Hands.

He gives her a firestone for a flight to Level 2.

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