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Team 3: Alex, James, Neil and Richard from London.

The third quest of Series 7 was for the Shield and lasted 50 minutes.

Level 1

Sidriss is outside a castle with a giant toad. It turns out to be Fidjit.

  • Sidriss: "Sidriss the Confused they call me. I can't imagine why..."
  • Fidjit: "I ruddy can!"

Fidjit asks Alex to help him find a transformation spell such as UNDO, REMAKE, or RESTORE. He promises to get Alex into Level 2 if he succeeds.

Into a clearing, where they find clues. These are: a key, a crossbow, and a bottle titled 'Shadow'. They leave the crossbow.

Spyglass: The Brollachan cannot find Smirkenorff. Lord Fear tells it to search in Level 1.

Lissard reports that he has negotiated with a troll to make life tougher for the dungeoneer.

The troll is standing on guard in the next courtyard. Alex uses the Shadow potion to slip past it.

Grimaldine is sat pensively in a privy chamber. Alex asks him for a spell to help return Fidjit to his normal form.

The key Alex is carrying will open a chest, which contains a RESTORE spell.

Alex emerges at the edge of a staircase. He descends to a moving block puzzle (no fireballs on this occasion).

James guides Alex across carefully, earning a hug from his teammates!

A forest clearing, where they find the toad again. James spell-casts RESTORE to reverse Sidriss's spell. Fidjit opens the door to Smirkenorff.

Smirkenorff is cautious of the Brollachan and refuses to budge. Alex persuades him that he would be safer in Level 2 as the monster is now searching for him at his current nesting place.

Smirkenorff: "Very well. Level 2 it is…"

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