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Team 2: Nicola, Lisa, Diane and Vicki from Oldham.

The second quest of Series 7 was for the Sword and lasted 33 minutes.


This was the only team this season to choose their own quest.

Treguard: "I warn you - they're all equally difficult."

Level 1

Nicola begins in a dark dwarf tunnel, where she finds a bag of gold on the wall.

Treguard: "As Majida would call them, long rooms for short people. Mind you don't meet any big people in thereā€¦"

Sylvester Hands is robbing Romahna. He doesn't recognise the dungeoneer because of the new helmet.

Hands takes great delight in explaining how he outwitted the dragon warden.

Sylvester Hands: "Look, I says! A great big Goosey Gander!"

They offer Hands gold in exchange for the key to her shackles.

Romahna agrees to accompany Nicola for a short way in return for her release.

Level 1 clue room. The clues are: a wand, a glowlight, and a gauntlet. The scroll reads: 'The Wand of Confusion. Guess whose?'

Spyglass: Fear is experiencing problems with his Pool of Voracity. The Brollachan appears. Fear orders it to destroy Smirkenorff.

Lord Fear: "That's the way you handle monsters. They're like children, really. You've got to be firm with them but decidedly unfair!"

The team takes the torch and the wand.

Into a large chamber, where Sidriss is sat with a large black cat - the result of a magical accident with Marta. She needs to reverse it so Marta doesn't lose her job at the tavern.

Treguard: "Sidriss - a sort of junior sorceress. Well, not much more than a conjuror, really, and very accident prone."

Sidriss gets her wand back, though her magic is no less disastrous. Nicola receives a firestone in exchange.

Into a dark dwarf tunnel, where Nicola needs the glowlight to see the way. They are chased by a sinister Raptor but manage to evade him.

At the gateway, Raptor and the goblins catch up with Nicola.

Before he can move in for the kill, the gate opens and Smirkenorff unleashes a fireball at them!

Nicola gives him the firestone for a ride to Level 2.

Smirkenroff: "Say what you like about the opposition - they do singe rather nicely."

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