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Team 7: Chris, Nicholas, Gavin, and Simon from Ruislip.

The seventh quest of Series 6 was for the Sword and lasted 35 minutes.


Hordriss wants to seek positive alignment with the Powers that Be. He offers Sidriss's assistance for the next quest, thereby 'ensuring victory'.

Pickle: "Couldn't Hordriss do something really useful, like not sending Sidriss to help?"

Level 1

From the Hall of Choice to the Level 1 clue room. The scroll reads: ‘The ACME persuader. Tap to table top to make new friends'.

Spyglass: Skarkill reports that Elita is locked up. He has sold the key to Julius Scaramonger, who will sell it on to the Grimwolds. Lord Fear is pleased.

Lord Fear: "With her out of the way, there'll be nobody to ply their green monster with firestones, which means that our Red Death can move in on the action."

Chris takes gold and a mallet, leaving a bar of silver.

Treguard: "These are dangerous days. We certainly don't want a red dragon loose in the higher dungeons!"

Julius Scaramonger is drunk, having resigned himself to defeat against fellow tradesman, Ah Wok.

Chris asks him about the key, but Scaramonger says it is pre-pledged. He won't even accept gold for it.

Chris taps the ACME persuader on the table. A large mallet appears and strikes Scaramonger on the head.

Once he realises that Chris is responsible, he agrees to exchange the key for the gold.

Julius Scarmonger: "If you happen to come across a bloke called Ah Wok, you might try using that thing on him."

The Level 1 causeway. The team doesn't have the combination, but Sidriss appears at the other side to provide it.

Sidriss: "I've got to try and raise Smirkenorff. Elita's gone missing, so no-one's been feeding him."

A scroll lies on one of the incorrect floor tiles. Chris must collect it without stepping off the correct sequence.

The scroll reads: "Passport". It's the password for the blocker.

Into Wolfenden, where Chris finds Elita locked inside a large chest. He alerts her to the red dragon, so she rushes him to Smirkenorff.

  • Elita: "Smirky, are you ignoring me?"
  • Smirkenorff: "Why not? It may have passed your attention, but a certain someone has ignored me for days!"
  • Elita: "You can sulk all you want, but get us to Level 2 first!"

He obliges!

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