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Team 6: Sophia, Claire, Kim and Emma from Bournemouth.

The sixth quest of Series 6 was for the Crown and lasted 46 minutes.


Hordriss in a trance warns Treguard that Lord Fear has imported a dragon-caller into Level 1. The red dragon will cause irreparable damage if his minions can use it.

The next team would be tasked with finding this device in Level 1 before Fear's minions do.

Level 1

The team chooses the Crown (bizarrely, since it had just been recovered by the previous team).

Straight into the Level 1 clue room. The clues are: a lantern, a mallet, a bag of silver, and a ring.

Spyglass: Julius Scaramonger has the dragon-calling device. Lord Fear orders him to get it in position quickly as the dragon is a menace.

Lord Fear: "It takes up more room than Tiny (hobgoblin), eats more than the entire Grimwold family, and smells worse than Sylvester Hands!"

The scroll reads: "Caution! Stand well clear of all objects. Place on 3rd finger of left hand. Rotate once. Mind your head."

They decide to take the ring and the silver.

In an empty courtyard, Sophia tries out the ring according to the instructions. She grows to twice her height! Treguard advises the team to use it judiciously.

They find Elita burrowing through a chest of items. Sophia mentions the dragon-caller.

Elita explains that Smirkenorff had been unsettled by the new dragon, and agrees to help Sophia find it. She offers the combination for the causeway.

A very dark dwarf tunnel. Treguard hints that need a lantern. The tension is heightened when Sophia side-steps along the passage.

They survive and reach the causeway. A nervous Claire gets Sophia across safely.

Julius Scaramonger's stall. He tries to sell Sophia a horn. Once she mentions the dragon-caller, he tries to hide a tall object behind him.

As he is refusing to co-operate, she uses the ring to scare him and his assistant (Young Grimwold) away.

Straight away they summon Elita, who says she'll throw it in the Caverns of Gore. She gives Sophia a dragon mint for Smirkenorff.

As always, Elita calls the dungeoneer a "face ache". To everyone's surprise, Sophia answers back! "You're a face ache too." Ouch.

Pickle: "Well done, Sophia! It's no less than Elita deserves!"

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