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Team 3: Alan, Jim, Nic and Mark from St Albans.

The third quest of Series 6 was for the Sword and lasted 47 minutes.

Level 1

The team choose the Sword, and proceed to the dwarf tunnels.

Pickle: "These tunnels are used by all sorts of creatures apart from dwarves. Some of them aren't exactly vegetarian."

The Level 1 clue room. The scroll contains musical notes. They take it and a bar of gold, leaving a whip and a horn.

Spyglass: Lord Fear asks Sylvester Hands to impersonate a hero to gain Alan's confidence.

He is then contacted by Julius Scaramonger, who complains about the new Oriental tradesman. Fear says he will unleash an offensive spell on the marketplace.

In Wolfenden, Alan meets Hands, who is badly disguised as 'Coonan the Vegetarian'. He invites Alan for a drink, but the team manages to fob him off.

In the marketplace, a Samurai warrior appears to attack Ah Wok. The team are able to dispel it as they overheard the spell from the spyglass.

A grateful Ah Wok gives Alan the password and some silver in exchange for the gold.

Hands is waiting for them in the inn, already drunk. Ridolfo enters with a flourish, which causes an argument with Hands.

With Hands gone, the team exchange the musical scroll for the causeway code.

Cagey progress through the causeway to reach the gateway to Level 2.

Smirkenorff then calls Alan a cheapskate for offering silver!

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