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Team 2: Sumayya, Ruminda, Karminy and Zalmina from London.

The second quest of Series 6 was for the Shield and lasted 36 minutes.

Level 1

The quest begins in the Hall of Choice. The team choose the Shield, and proceed to a dwarf tunnel.

Treguard: "I think the opposition are trying to tell us something... that even this close to Dunshelm, Lord Fear can still reach you."

Sumayya bumps into Sidriss, who is fleeing from goblins. Sidriss can't remember which direction she was travelling!

Sumayya flees with her to the Level 1 clue room. Before they can examine the objects, Sidriss picks up the spyglass.

Spyglass: Lord Fear is explaining his new, more ruthless approach with Sylvester Hands.

Lord Fear: "Get out there and kick helmet!"

He then spots Sidriss spying and casts a spell to freeze her.

Treguard: "With Sidriss taken hostage, Lord Fear could force Hordriss to help him. If that happens, you don't stand a ghost of a chance of getting to Level 3, or of recovering the Shield."

Clues: a bar of gold; a jar of salt; a horn. They choose the horn and the gold.

The team encounter Elita, who is organising a pentangle on the floor. Sumayya asks for help regarding Sidriss.

Elita: "You mean Hordriss's dizzy daughter? Well, I'm not surprised she's in a mess."

She recommends a summoning spell to contact Hordriss directly, and then gives Sumayya the code for the causeway.

They cross the causeway without too much trouble.

Sumayya meets Ah Wok in Wolfenden, He demonstrates the summoning spell in exchange for the gold.

Ah Wok: "You got to turn a long way around the clock. And then you say Marefact, Marefact, Marefact."

The team proceed to a clearing, where they attempt the spell.

When it doesn't work, they realise that Ah Wok's accent could be misleading. They adjust the summons to 'Malefact', and Hordriss appears.

Hordriss: "How dare you! No-one is permitted to summon Hordriss the Confuser against his wishes."

Sumayya quickly informs him about his daughter, earning a password and a hint in return.

The team proceed past the blocker with the password and come to Smirkenorff.

Without any method of payment, they flatter him by insisting that green dragons are the finest. He agrees to fly her to Level 2.

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