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Team 1: Matt, Razar, Ben and John from Bath.

The first quest of Series 6 was for the Crown and lasted 33 minutes.

Treguard: "What lies before you is quite beyond belief, so I advise you not to believe it."

Level 1

The quest begins in a dark passage, which turns out to be a dwarf tunnel - the first time these have been used since Series 3 (1989). Pickle is immediately concerned.

Pickle: "These are dwarf tunnels, master! This isn't the way to go!"

Treguard: "Lord Fear has seized the advantage, and now even Level 1 is patrolled by his minions. These mine-workings go deeper and bypass his first line of defence..."

The team reaches the Hall of Choice, and opts for the Crown.

The quest continues outside the dungeon. Treguard and Pickle provide further context to the new environment.

Treguard: "This, I think, is Holmgarth - a border post that guards the way between fair paths and foul."

Level 1 clues: a bar of gold, potion, crossbow bolt and a mallet. The scroll reads: "To unfreeze, cry the reverse of EPACSE. To cross, take the uneven path."

Spyglass: Lord Fear is mocking Skarkill's inability to control his new hobgoblin.

Skarkill: "How about a loan of that ruddy great metal warrior you just had built?"

Fear monitors the team's progress, and casts a spell upon Matt. He introduces the Dreadnort and warns the team that it's off to collect their dungeoneer.

The team unfreeze Matt by spell-casting ESCAPE. They decide to take the gold and the bolt.

Treguard: "Some sort of mechanical device, powered by magic. Quite illegal, of course. I've warned him until I'm blue in the face about creating paradoxes and anathema - but he won't listen."

Matt arrives in Wolfenden. The incumbent trader, Julius Scaramonger, and a rival Asian store holder compete for his attention.

Scaramonger tries to sell Matt an invisible sword. Instead, Matt negotiates the password and a dragon mint from Ah Wok.

The Level 1 causeway. The sequence is now numbers, rather than colours, symbols or elements (Series 5). There is also a new frightknight timer above the causeway.

Treguard: "This is one of Lord Fear's nastier innovations. When the sword of the frightknight reaches the red dot, parts of the causeway will fall away."

The team directs Matt across using odd numbers.

Matt collects food, which triggers a blocker. The password from Ah-Wok gains him passage.

At the portal to Level 2, Matt meets a troubadour.

Troubador: "I am called Ridolfo by my friends. And by my enemies, I... I am also called Ridolfo."

He agrees to help in exchange for news. Matt tells him about the Dreadnort. In return, he plays a chord on his lute which opens the door.

Ridolfo: "What you need is the right key. Play the right key..."

Smirkenorff awaits. He now speaks to the dungeoneer (normally to ensure that they offer him payment).

Smirkenorff: "Dragon mint, ey? Most acceptable!"

He sets off to Level 2.

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