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Team 11: Martin, Darren, Lee and Jamie from York.

The eleventh quest of Series 3 was for the Chalice and lasted 47 minutes.

Level 1

Martin is submerged in water. A shark fin appears, which makes everyone panic slightly. Eventually, they get Martin to climb out.

In the kitchen, Martin is about to pick up a pie when Motley stops them. It belongs to Grimwold the Ogre.

Motley is looking for fresh jokes, and is prepared to offer magic.

Martin: "Why did the punk cross the road? … Because he was stapled to the chicken!"

Motley gifts the spell GHOST.

Level 1 clue room is guarded by Golgarach (score: 2). He tells Martin to leave the gold and offers him the 'first step'.

Martin takes the other two objects: a key and a bottle.

Into the Fire Cavern. There's a cutaway as Martin stops right in the line of fire, but they escape.

They find Velda locked up in the former Ariadne's Lair. She is feisty, as usual, but they offer to help her.

Treguard: "Decisions here, team. If you use the key, you'll certainly free her, but will she prove grateful? And of course, you’ll no longer have the key to use for yourself."

Velda provides information about the use of the spell and the 'second step'.

At the moving wall, they use the GHOST spell to proceed.

Still in his ghostly form, Martin scares off the behemoth guarding the wellway.

It leaves the way clear to descend.

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