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Team 10: Julie, Amanda, Marie and Angela from Knighton, Leicester.

The tenth quest of Series 3 was for the Sword and lasted 29 minutes.

Level 1

The quest begins in the Dice Room.

Treguard: You must learn early, team, that when there is no way out, there is sometimes a way in.

The maid Mellisandre helps Julie escape from the lair of Kaa, and then helps her to cross the Serpent's Tongue.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by the Brangwen Shee (score: 2).

Julie takes a candle and a scarf, leaving behind a jar of humbugs.

She survives the Scorpion Room and a bomb in the following chamber - though they spend so long describing it they almost get caught.

Mellisandre is waiting for Julie in the kitchen. She swaps some food for the return of her scarf.

Mellisandre: "It's my favour, and by carrying it, you're dedicating this quest to me!"

She reads out a rhyme which gifts a FLARE spell, and gives Julie the ‘first step’.

Julie is chased along the cliff by Olaf. She gives him the candle. He is pleased and gives Julie the ‘second step’.

The wellway room is dark, so they spell-cast FLARE.

A skull damages Julie's life force, but she collects food to restore it on the way down.

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