Team 7: Kelly, Emma, Sarah and Tammi from Sea Palling, Norfolk.

The seventh quest of Series 3 was for the Shield and lasted 17 minutes.

Level 1

Treguard: "Who said dungeoneering was all brawn and broadswords? Here, there be fun and games as well…"

The dice room. One of the advisors instructs Kelly as if she can see.

They ignore a Shield symbol above the centre door, and only just escape the subsequent bomb room.

They are nearly captured by Kaa and then almost guide Kelly into the pit.

It's a calmer approach on the narrow ledge (the former Beam Room).

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Golgarach (score: 2). They state that a saucer of water is deeper than the ocean, which makes the wall monster laugh!

Golgarach hints to take the rose and offers the 'first step'. Kelly also takes a rather pink-tinted bar of gold, leaving behind a crayon.

On the cliff edge, the team must flee a giant arachnid.

The Corridor of the Catacombs is guarded by goblins. They are indecisive, and eventually decide to go left.

This exposes pre-shot footage, as the goblins advance towards the other exit.

Through the marshes in the Vale of Banburn, where Velda the wood elf is pacing around.

Velda shoots two goblins. Kelly gives her a rose and earns a TRANSFORM spell.

Velda: "It is a fair token indeed. No-one would carry this instead of a weapon if their feet were on the dark path."

Mrs Grimwold is sat in a large room where all the doors are locked. She wants Kelly as supper for Festus.

The team spell-casts TRANSFORM, turning Kelly into an armoured knight. She scares away the crone, then breaks her way out.

The end of Level 1, but there is no wellway - just paper.


The ogre comes in (Mrs Grimwold's husband) and seizes Kelly.

Treguard: "If only you'd taken the crayon. You could have created a wellway and made your escape."

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