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Team 6: Ross, Gavin, Fu and Shahzad from Birmingham.

The sixth quest of Series 3 was to free the Maid and lasted 37 minutes.

Treguard: Here, of course, is the famous - or is it infamous - Helmet of Justiceā€¦

Level 1

Ross interrupts a game of 'hide and seek'.

Mellisandre: "Well, that's not in the game. You're supposed to hide, Motley. You're not supposed to change your entire body!"

The maid decides to play the game with Ross instead. As ordered, Ross counts to 10 and then proceeds.

Treguard: "The maid Mellisandre means no harm, but doesn't always keep to her bargains. This time, however, I can see no harm in playing her game."

Mellisandre is found rather easily, standing perilously over a trapdoor (again).

The trapdoor opens, and down she falls. This time, she's in big trouble, and calls for help. Ross's quest will be to rescue her.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by the Brangwen Shee (score: 2). She offers the 'first step'.

Brangwen: "Your quest is to free the maid who was your playmate."

Ross takes a fishing rod and an egg, leaving a red stone.

Onto the Serpent's Tongue. They hesitate too much, and the tongue swallows Ross. He slides down into its stomach.

Treguard: "Now look what's happened! You'd better do something fast, for something has swallowed Ross and the gruesome business of digestion is already beginning."

Ross throws the egg, which upsets the stomach.

He emerges in a room filled with water. The rod helps him hook out a door from beneath the water.

Motley is in the kitchen. He asks a riddle which they answer (with some prompting). Ross earns a BIG spell and the 'second step'.

On the cliff edge, they spell-cast BIG to scare off Olaf the Viking.

Olaf: "I would be happy for you to be looting me!"

The team must solve an on-screen puzzle to view the wellway room. This helps Ross avoid holes in the floor.

Mellisandre: Hurry, Ross. Hurry!

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