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Team 5: James, Philip, Pulok and Jamie from Ipswich.

The fifth quest of Series 3 was for the Shield and lasted 13 minutes.

Level 1

From the Dice Room, the team follows the path of the Shield.

James arrives at a room filled with water. Treguard is quick to point out the danger.

Treguard: "Something appears to be stirring beneath the water. I shouldn't wait to find out what!"

A magic sword emerges and chases James around the perimeter of the pool.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Golgarach (score: 2). Golgarach gives him the 'first step'.

They take the horn and a bar of gold, leaving behind a knife.

The armoured behemoth pursues James through the Vale of Banburn, before blocking his exit in the clearing.

Treguard: "Sound the alarm, James!"

James blows the horn. Velda runs in and stuns it with a bolt.

The team escapes down a dwarf tunnel into another chamber, where Velda demands that the horn is returned.

Velda: We of the fair folk are particular about those who call us. Though you have the means, you have not earned the right.

Mrs Grimwold is in the kitchen. James offers her gold.

Treguard: "Careful team. This creature is Mrs Grimwold, the ogre's wife. Anyone who can survive being married to an ogre has got to be considered dangerous."

She leaves, but James is in desperate need of food. He notices a pie on the stove just in time.

Into the room with a narrow ledge.

Pulok: "You're in a room where most of the slabs on the floor are missing, and some remain to form a very narrow pathway."


In his haste to avoid the chasing skulls, Pulok guides James off the ledge.

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