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Team 4: Leo, Matthew, Simon and James from Bromley.

The fourth quest of Series 3 was for the Chalice and lasted 44 minutes.

Level 1

A quest symbol appears in the Dice Room to guide the team's choice.

Treguard: "This is your adventure, team, and your actions will determine what happens. However, failure to act means… nothing happens!"

Into the Fire Cave, where a haunting follows Leo's movements. They successfully exit to the left.

Mellisandre tries to tell Leo something important, but falls through a trapdoor at the vital moment.

Mellisandre: "When you meet the moving wall, you mustn't whatever you do…"

Treguard: "I doubt if that fall did her any harm. But take care you don't follow - it wouldn't do Leo any good at all!"

Goblins chase Leo down the dwarf tunnels to the Level 1 clue room.

The clue room is guarded by Brangwen (score: 3).

She hints they should leave the gold, so Leo takes a jester's folderol and a key.

Into the Scorpion Room. Leo dodges the sting before using the key to exit.

He is chased along the cliff by Olaf, who strikes himself on the head and nearly falls off!

Motley comes to the rescue, charging the folderol with laughter to amuse the witless Viking.

He also gives Leo the 'first step'.

Onto the moving wall, which starts shifting towards Leo.

Treguard: "That reminds me of a message you didn't quite receive…"

The maid is sitting on the wellway. She gives Leo the 'second step'.

Mellisandre: "I was just about to tell you not to turn the wrong way at the moving wall when the ground jumped up and ate me!"

An axe hovers above the wellway. Leo descends before it strikes him.

Level 2

Onto the rotating wheel, where sinister symbols appear above four of the five exits.

Treguard: "This strange device is called the Spindizzy. How it works, I cannot say, but its purpose is clearly to confuse and frustrate."

Into a room with five narrow doorways. An axe is hovering above one door, which the team decides to take.

The Oracle of Confusion is in the Level 2 clue room.

Treguard: To hear its words, you must turn and face it, close your eyes tightly, and raise the Helmet of Justice slightly above your head.

The Oracle provides the third step, and an additional warning.

Into the goblin tunnel. Leo heads left, as advised by the Oracle.

Merlin's chamber, where Leo activates the steps and summons the magician. He answers both riddles correctly, earning a spell.

Merlin: "The name of the magic is SWORD, and as it's offensive magic, I hope you'll have the sense to use it defensively."

A giant toad is in the stalactite caves, testing whether or not the team will use Merlin's magic.

Treguard: "A threat, perhaps? Or perhaps not? It's for you to decide, team."

The team navigates around it without incident. Leo collects a first piece of the Chalice deeper in the cavern.

At the bridge (the Vale of Mogdred), Leo encounters a warlock.

Treguard: This is an encounter with one who has many names. The druids, however, call him Hordriss the Confuser.

Hordriss begins an enchantment. The team spell-casts SWORD, which makes him reconsider.

Hordriss: "If you really feel that strongly about it, then I'm quite happy to withdraw."

Into the Minecart room. Motley says Leo will need help to proceed.

Motley: "Tried walking through the tunnel, have ya? Won't work, you see. There's a force field across it."

He asks for a joke, and isn't particularly impressed, but agrees to help anyway.

He helps Leo into the cart and pushes it down the tracks.

Motley: "Get ready for the ride of your life..."

The first ever minecart ride to Level 3.

Treguard: "Brace yourself for a crash, Leo! The end of the tunnel is coming up and the cart just won't slow down!!"

Level 3

Leo emerges from the toppled minecart. Treguard congratulates the team.

Treguard: "From this point on, you can expect the opposition to get a lot tougher."

Cavernwights are guarding a piece of the Chalice, but they are sleepy. Leo claims it, and just has enough time to collect a sprite of energy.

Leo must summon Merlin through the magic 'M'. A flashing sword appears to hurry the team up, but the advisors decide that because they know the magic, they can dispel it. Fine logic!

A unique moment in Knightmare - a team using knowledge of a spell it has previously cast to dispel it on a separate occasion.

Merlin: "This is pretty promising, you know? We tend to lose a lot of you young people by this stage…"

He gifts Leo two spells: ENERGY and GRIP.

Leo travels through the entrails of a creature, and reaches the lair of Medusa. The team spell-cast GRIP, preventing Leo from being turned to stone.

Treguard: "That's given her a taste of her own medicine, but remember what Merlin said - this magic is only temporary."

A new-look Gargoyle asks Leo a fiendishly difficult riddle. They don't know the answer.

Gargoyle: "Peril is the reward of ignorance. Walk in peril, Leo."

The Level 3 clue room. Mogdred appears.

Mogdred: "Only my gift can bring you to your goal. The name of the spell I gift you is GLORY. Use it and be a winner…"

He sends a magic sword after Leo. The team dispel it again, but it severely damages life force. They cast ENERGY to survive.

Leo takes a shield and a jar of Stardust, leaving behind a dagger.

A lair of Kaa, where Mogdred summons the cobra from the depths to unnerve the team.

In the next room, two lynxes are firing beams at the floor. Every fourth beam creates a temporary pathway across the pit.

Leo collects a final piece of the Chalice at the end.

Into the Stained Glass room. There is no sign of which path to follow.

Leo sprinkles the Stardust but it achieves nothing.

The team has no option but to guess...


They take the wrong path, and plummet over the cliff.

Treguard: "Ooh, nasty! And how tragic. Without the Gargoyle's instructions, you have taken the wrong path and fallen at the last hurdle."

Nevertheless, Treguard spell-casts UNITE as they have travelled furthest in this series and are 'worthy champions'.

TES Quest Review: Issue 6, Page 12

Hear from the team

In May 2005, Leo signed the Guestbook:

I was on Knightmare as a contender... Ah, the memories. I was amazed to find this website, and hope they bring it back on television.

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