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Team 3: Simon, Deborah, Mark and Claire from Horsham.

The third quest of Series 3 was for the Crown and lasted 20 minutes.

Level 1

The ogre is feasting on bones in the Corridor of the Catacombs. The team guides Simon out before he joins the menu.

Into a bomb room. A muddle between left and right means they only just escape the bomb before it explodes.

Treguard: "Whatever you do, don’t stop to rest until you’re out of the tunnel!"

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by Golgarach (score: 3). He warns the team to avoid the 'blood red stone', so they take a candle and a gauntlet instead.

Into a lair of Kaa. They scurry to the right-hand exit.

The ogre has caught up with Simon by the time he reaches the Vale of Banburn (or to some ears, Vanburn). The team outpace it through the marshes.

Velda the wood elf is waiting at the clearing. Simon throws down the gauntlet to prove himself. She provides the 'first step'.

The ogre enters in pursuit. Velda shields Simon before ruthlessly dispatching it.

The next room is in total darkness, so Simon holds up the candle. He is on a cliff edge.

Another left/right blunder from Mark almost takes Simon over the edge!

Mrs Grimwold is in the wellway room. The team are quick to spot her trickery as she sends Simon towards Festus.

She repents by providing the 'second step' and allowing Simon to proceed down the well.

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