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Level 2

Cliff lands on a spinning wheel, which is positioned between five exits.

Treguard: "First a fall and then a spin!"

The team guides Cliff to the edge, then directs his leap to safety.

Into a room with five doors, where they find Motley. His riddle reveals the safe exit to take.

Motley: "I wish that I could help you more, but having said it once, the way ahead is obvious unless you're just a dunce."

A raven is stood on a perch. Cliff tries to engage it in conversation. It gives him the 'third step'.

A room with five narrow doors. A giant's foot strides perilously behind the exits. The advisors line up Cliff against the right door and dash through.

Into a cosmic chamber where most of the floor is missing and stars are visible beyond and below. One tile on the opposite side suggests a bridge.

Treguard: "There are steps to take here, but how can you invoke them?"

Cliff uses the three step clues to create a bridge.

As he reaches the patterned tile, it summons Merlin.

Merlin asks two riddles. The team answer both correctly and earn a DANCE spell.

Merlin: "It's a kind of diversionary magic…"

Cliff collects a piece of the Shield in the goblin tunnels.

He exits into a large cavern with stalactites. This is split into three screens. Cliff collects food in the middle segment. The team hurry as the goblins pursue.

Into a room with four doors, which they enter from the left. A rowdy Scotsman enters and threatens Cliff before drawing his sword.

McGrew: "I can see thee've no weapons, so it's clear that bold black McGrew will be helping himself to yer valuables…"

The team spell-cast DANCE, and then head for the closest exit. There is a distant hint of McGrew pleading for help as they vanish.


The Minecart room, where a flashing sword swoops to end the quest.

Treguard: "If only you'd listened to the pleas of McGrew, team, then perhaps you would have had the help you need here."

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