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Team 2: Cliff, James, Richard and Matthew from Felixstowe.

The second quest of Series 3 was for the Shield and lasted 30 minutes.

Level 1

From the Dice Room, Cliff arrives on a ledge. He is stopped by a jester called Motley.

Motley: "Motley at your service. A quick giggle for a groat, and something screamingly funny if only you'd cross my palm with silver."

The team answers a riddle and earns a DRINK spell.

After Motley leaves, Cliff is pursued by an armoured behemoth along the ridge.

He is then chased by goblins through the dwarf tunnels.

He arrives on the outer ledge of a room filled with water.

The team spell-casts DRINK which reveals an exit for Cliff to crawl through.

The Level 1 clue room is guarded by another new wall monster, the Brangwen Shee (score: 2).

They earn the 'first step' and a clue. Cliff takes an egg-timer and a bone, leaving behind a gauntlet.

The Great Corridor of the Catacombs. The rear wall moves towards Cliff, so they exit quickly.

Treguard: “It was great, but it seems to be getting smaller.”

In the Scorpion Room, part of the floor is now broken away. It narrows the route to pass the stinging tail. They time their dash carefully to pass.

Into a room with a narrow pathway (formerly the Beam Room). One of the tiles is set at a diagonal angle, so it requires care to pass through safely.

Motley and the maid, Mellisandre, are in the kitchen. Motley cannot make her laugh, but she giggles at Cliff when he arrives.

She tells Cliff the 'second step', before shepherding him out as the ogre storms in.

Onto the Serpent’s Tongue. The tongue is recoiling too quickly, so Cliff uses the egg-timer to pause it.

Into a chamber where a crone, Mrs Grimwold, is shouting at her dog, Festus.

Mrs Grimwold: "He's got a terrible hunger has Festus, on account of the fact that he's got two heads."

She unveils a wellway in exchange for a bone. Cliff escapes down it as her husband (the ogre) appears.

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