As part of the site relaunch, many of the trial clips of the Knightmare VR pilot have been made available.

An article on Televirtual's pioneering dramatic gameshow, TimeGate, in Televisual Magazine.

Download this file (1285_TimeGate_iTV_Virtuosity.pdf)iTV Virtuosity[Original article on Knightmare and TimeGate (Televisual, 2002)]276 kB

Tim Child has reported in theĀ Knightmare Discussion Forum that a pilot episode for Knightmare VR has been filmed, and is currently being distributed to broadcasters around the world.

On 10th May 2005, Tim Child gave an update on Knightmare VR in the forum.

Tim Child reported in the Knightmare Discussion Forum that the Knightmare VR Demonstrator is almost complete, and last month there was a live demonstration of it in London, spanning a day and a half in front of invited guests from the UK TV industry.

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