Hugo Myatt, David Rowe and Knightmare Live will be among the guests at PLAY Expo Manchester on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May.

Hugo is of course the face of Knightmare as Treguard; David is the artist of Knightmare, from dungeon rooms to book covers; and Knightmare Live remains pleasingly self-explanatory, with Paul Flannery at the helm (or do we mean helmet?).

In a recreation of PLAY Expo London 2018, Hugo, David and Paul will be joining (life) forces for a Knightmare Q&A hosted by The Retro Hour podcast team. (The timing of the Q&A is unconfirmed but we'd speculate that like last time, it will be on the Sunday afternoon.)

By happy coincidence, this is all happening a week before the fifth anniversary of our own Knightmare Convention, where many of us had the privilege of meeting Mr. Myatt and Mr. Rowe. We hope many more people will have that experience in Manchester in May.

The venue will be Manchester's Central Exhibition Complex. The buying of tickets and the finding of further information is possible on the PLAY Expo Manchester website.

And by the way, we're not selectively shouting: that's just how they write the name of the event.

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