Isy and fantasy TV meet again.

Knightmare fan turned Knightmare actress Isy Suttie appeared in this week's episode of Zapped: the Series 3 finale. She guest starred as Esme, part of a group who went dragon spotting at the top of a bell tower.

Isy established her sitcom credentials with Peep Show and has appeared in others since, including Damned and Man Down. As the previous paragraph may have reminded you, she appeared in Knightmare when it returned for a YouTube Geek Week special in 2013, playing Treguard's assistant Veruca/Daisy.

Isy's role in Zapped, like the series itself, is a lot of fun. Like Knightmare, it's a fantasy series with people from our world visiting a realm of goblins, wizards and dragons (if you don't like spoilers, pretend you didn't read that). Unlike Knightmare, Isy wasn't frozen to the spot when she heard a bell (if you don't like spoilers... etc).

Sylvester McCoy, another of Zapped's guest stars, began his Doctor Who tenure on 7 September 1987, hours after Knightmare's own debut.

Anyway, we'd like you to watch the episode because we think you'd rather enjoy it, and for that you'll need a link to the episode on UKTV Play, and there it was.

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