The latest news about one of our favourite books.

If you're content to have any old dungeon on your bookshelf, there may be a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey at your local charity shop. If you'll only settle for the best, the book for you is David Rowe's Art of Knightmare.

This book is full of David's dungeon room paintings from the early series, including visuals, roughs and sketches and production techniques. We don't know exactly how many shades it contains but they're certainly not all grey.

We've been pleased to see these two updates from David:

'Having sold out of my personal edition of Art of Knightmare at PLAY Expo London, I am delighted to say that those delightful people at Acorn books have now published it on Amazon.

Available in 3 different formats, the A4 landscape versions in both hard cover and soft cover are identical to my personal edition.'

David Rowe's Art of Knightmare on Amazon

'I was asked if I could do signed copies and some people have paid for postage to and from my home to sign them. I thought that a better solution was for me to but a few hard back copies at a time and send them directly.

The first two batches have sold out straight away, buy I have now taken delivery of some more. This is the first hardback edition since the Indiegogo campaign that started the whole book off!'

Order by PayPal via David Rowe's website

In our experience, Art of Knightmare is simply one of the greatest books ever. Having the artist's signature makes it even greater.

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