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A Knightmare Series 1-2 cast member is back in another one-man play.

After an acclaimed run earlier this year in Death of a Hunter, Edmund Dehn is appearing in Krapp's Last Tape this month. He plays the title character, who makes and listens to annual tape recordings alone.

The performances will be part of the Durham Festival of the Arts and will be at Durham University's Assembly Rooms Theatre in Durham at 7:30pm on 23-24 June.

Krapp's Last Tape was written by Samuel Beckett - not to be confused with Quantum Leap's Sam Beckett, who makes a number of appearances in the fanfiction area of our website.

Edmund Dehn's Knightmare roles included Gumboil the guard, Igneous the wall monster and the Automatum in Series 2. Also in Series 2 was the character Bumptious, a dwarvish member of the Honorary Guild of Gold-miners, HOGG. When The Fast Show parodied Krapp's Last Tape, the character's name was Hogg.