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Knightmare contestant Rea Pearson has appeared on The Chase.

When Rea appeared on Knightmare in 1991, as an advisor and team captain of Series 5 Team 5, she was known as Andrea Barber. With her sister Jenna as dungeoneer, the team fell foul of a causeway on Level 1. Find out more about their quest here.

26 years later, on another ITV gameshow, did Rea fare any better? One of's own watchers, Robin Barlow, tells all:

You could argue a Knightmare episode is also one big chase, albeit from Mogdred or Lord Fear, and you may well be right. Rea had to face the Dark Destroyer, Shaun Wallace, but before that had to slightly fend off Bradley's humorous advances after revealing her career dreams.

Appropriately, her questions on the cash builder involved a team and the word dismissal, and finished up with an impressive £7,000 to be chased for. But she forsook a temptation of £54,000 and plumped instead the lower offer of £2,000, perhaps trying to rejoin her team's path of defence from 1991 after all.

Amongst these she encountered a children's TV question but sadly got it wrong, along with three other questions. In her defence, it was before her era and not ITV knowledge that was being tested.

In the end she got two of her six right and sadly could not claim victory. Her sole team survivor, Keith, fared much better with a high level of pushbacks executed and walked away £6,000 richer.

Thank you to Pjmlfc05 on the forum for bringing us news of Rea's ITV return.

You can find out more about Rea's Knightmare experience via her behind the scenes Facebook album and her appearance in James Aukett's documentary for Knightmare's 25th anniversary. She works as a counsellor in Exeter: here's her website.

Bradley Walsh has acted alongside Knightmare's Cliff Barry (Lissard, Raptor, Brother Strange) in Law & Order UK.