You can meet Hugo Myatt (Treguard) at two conventions in the next three months.

Hugo will be appearing at Em-Con's Burton Comic Con this weekend (26th February). Find out more on the Burton Comic Con website.

Hugo will be also appearing at Folkestone Film, TV and Comic Con 2017 on 7th May. To book, try spellcasting TICKETS. If that doesn't work, try the Planet Folkestone website.

Hugo's reign as the dungeon master in Knightmare Series 1-8 remains his most famous role. It has led to appearances in YouTube's 2013 Knightmare special, in Knightmare Live, at our Knightmare Convention in 2014 and at many conventions since. But there's more to Mr Myatt than just Treguard. In recent years, he's been in a film with Danny Dyer, recorded narration for a rock musical and filmed footage for a top rated escape room. Not bad going, we say.

If you're planning on attending either of the cons, we hope you enjoy meeting Hugo. And if you find yourself staring, be warned that you may get the 'Treguard stare' back...

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