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Suttie stars in social services sitcom.

Three years after appearing as 'unpaid intern' Daisy in the YouTube Geek Week episode of Knightmare, Isy Suttie is playing a temp in a new series on Channel 4.

Isy co-stars in the sitcom Damned as the happy yet hapless Nat Moore, working in the chaotic office of the children's services department of Dunshelm Heath... sorry, Elm Heath Council. She has described the character as 'really fun to play, because we could kind of go anywhere with it, just because we didn't want her to be that stereotypical bimbo'.

Based on yesterday's first episode, we have no reservations about recommending Damned. It balances hilarious moments with poignant interludes while making the most of an unusually strong comedy cast, including Alan Davies, Kevin Eldon and Damned co-writers Morwenna Banks and Jo Brand.

And if that hasn't sold it to you, look how similar the name of Isy's character is to 'Knightmare'.

Damned is on at 10pm on Tuesdays. You can find clips and broadcast episodes on Channel 4's official Damned page.

Isy's memoir The Actual One was published earlier this year. Although Isy recently had to cancel several of her book tour dates due to illness, the book itself - complete with Knightmare references - is still available via You can read our review of The Actual One here.