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Not just in Jeeves and Wooster. He has the first line of the entire TV series.

The TV channel Yesterday has started repeating the 1990s comedy drama Jeeves and Wooster. Episode 1, shown earlier this week, begins with a clash of national treasures as Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie) faces judgement in court from Sir Watkyn Bassett (John Woodnutt).

The episode was first shown in April 1990, eight months before John Woodnutt made his final appearances in Knightmare as Merlin and Mogdred, having been part of the Knightmare cast since Series 1 in 1987.

Episode 1 of Jeeves and Wooster can be found on UKTV player here. Look out for further appearances of Sir Watkyn Bassett in later episodes as the repeats continue: Mondays at 8pm and Fridays at 10pm on Yesterday (Freeview 19).

The late John Woodnutt's other prominent acting work encompassed roles in Doctor Who. More information can be found on here. We plan to share an in-depth look at John's career later in the year.

One final piece of trivia: somewhere out in cyberspace is a fine piece of crossover fanfiction, Jeeves and the Impending Apocalypse, in which the P.G. Wodehouse pair meet a vampire slayer (as in 'Buffy the...') of their time. It's written by Knightmare actor Michael Cule, whose characters included Brother Mace and the Gatemaster in Series 4-5. There's more about Michael in another of our articles here.