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Hugo Myatt appears as the on-screen narrator in theatre rock show Benjamin Bloom's Last Man On Earth - and your next chance to see it is this weekend.


In this musical tale of a dystopian near future, a spectacular selection of original songs is complemented by our favourite dungeon master. Benjamin Bloom's website says: 'As well as Bloom's evocative lyrics, the story of Last Man On Earth is told in glorious HD on video screens by none other than '80s TV legend Hugo Myatt, Treguard of cult kids' show Knightmare. With his years of TV, film and theatre experience Myatt is the epic presence needed for such an epic tale...'

There's a trailer for Last Man On Earth here. However accustomed you are to the famous Hugo Myatt stare, you may never have been on the receiving end from a screen as big as that...

Hugo's stage experience ranges from pantomime in the '70s to a Knightmare play in the '90s to a Knightmare Live cameo in 2014. He and musician Benjamin Bloom first worked together in 2013, as shown in this behind-the-scenes video. Benjamin, a true Knightmare fan, was also at the 2014 Knightmare Convention in Norwich.

Tickets are still available to see Last Man On Earth this Saturday (2nd April) at the Millfield Theatre in Enfield. Keep an eye on Benjamin's website and social media for future chances to see the show.