Category: Cast/Crew Projects

Hugo Myatt, whom you may remember as Treguard the Dungeon Master in Knightmare, is due to be a guest at Hampshire TV, Film & Comic Con 2015 in Portsmouth on Sunday 13th December. So too is David Rowe, Knightmare's illustrator and the man behind David Rowe's Art of Knightmare. Both were among the guests at our inaugural Knightmare Convention in Norwich last year.

Peter Davison, familiar the universe over as the Fifth Doctor, is also set to be a guest at H-Con. Pleasingly, Hugo and Peter were both in Big Finish Productions' audio drama Omega. It's one of several connections between Knightmare and Doctor Who, the latest of which is a character whose name we can't accept as mere coincidence...

Find out more about H-Con 2015 on their website. We modestly suggest the following provisional timetable:

10:00 Watch Series 3 of Knightmare in its regular one-hour slot on Challenge in your travellers' lodgings

11:30 Arrive at H-Con in time for Hugo's 'Guest Photoshoot In Costume' slot, which runs until 12pm (book via the H-Con website) 

12:00 Settle down for Hugo and David's 30-minute 'Let's Talk Knightmare!' Q&A Session

If you go to H-Con, we'd love to hear about it and see any photos. Wishing you a fantastic day!