Mark Cordory, who designed and made the Knightmare dragon Smirkenorff, is providing props for theatrical project Legend Quests.

It's a live fantasy dungeon adventure game set to take place near Bodiam Castle, where some of Knightmare was filmed. There's a very healthy appetite for both interactive theatre and fantasy these days, proved not least by two years of solid popularity experienced by Knightmare Live (two more shows of the Level 2 run in January 2016; Level 3 shows promised for the future).


Legend Quests is still at the crowdfunding stage, having transferred recently from Kickstarter to GoFundMe, so please do chip in if you like the look of it and spread the word too.
The connection between Knightmare and Bodiam was renewed earlier this year when Jake Yapp referred to the Greater Game while filming his Election Wipe segment in the castle grounds.

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