A recent episode of Holby City featured David Verrey, who played McGrew and Golgarach in Knightmare Series 3.

Broadcast on 29th September, it is currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer. David appears in scenes at 13:05, 16:20, 20:09, 23:15, 27:41, 34:52, 40:05 and 47:55, as pungent patient Brendan Roberts.

Another Knightmare actor, Alec Westwood (Folly), played a prosthetics fitter in a 2001 episode of the medical drama. Its sister show Casualty has seen guest appearances by Anthony Donovan (Grimaldine), Mary Miller (Lillith), Bill Cashmore (Snapper-Jack) and Cliff Barry (Lissard).

David Verrey's roles in BBC drama series this decade have included Garrow's Law, Ripper Street, The Musketeers and The Game.


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