All about the what, where, and when of Knightmare Chat.


Knightmare Chat happens on Sundays at 8:00pm (although "unofficial" chats happen on Fridays and Saturdays too, and the room is always open).


Firstly, you can access the chat room from the browser, using a web-based client.

Secondly, if you have an IRC client, such as mIRC for Windows or Snak for Mac, you can attempt to connect via a secure connection or a non-secure connection.  Note that the secure connection requires an IRC client that supports SSL.  Many clients do not support this.

Thirdly, if you have an IRC client, but the above links don't work, then you'll have to connect manually.  The server address is  If you want to connect via SSL (secure) then the port number is 6697.  If you want to connect without SSL (non-secure) then the port number is 6667 (usually this is the default port number).  The room name to join is #knightmare.


There are no fixed 'rules' concerning Knightmare Chat, although being civil, not offending other members and other things that are common sense should be a given. Although the chat room is named after Knightmare, conversation is in no way limited to Knightmare, so please do not get offended if we are not discussing your favourite character the moment you enter!

Please be aware that chat room activity on most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays is automatically logged and published in real time on the Interactive Knightmare website. These logs can be read here.

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