Club Mag. Volume 1, Issue 1

Welcome to the re-run of the first 5 issues of KM. All the mags up to issue 5 will be more or less the same, with any changes explained along the way. After issue 5 we shall continue the re-run and bring out new issues of KM as if the club never even came to a halt. How does that sound? Great! Oh, and one more thing. Up to issue 5 none of the competitions are open, unless stated. Don't worry though, some will, some won't, it will be clearly [sic]. So here goes with the first issue. Enjoy it!

[Issue Attached]


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Download this file (1195_KM_Mag_Issue_1.pdf)Knightmare Magazine Issue 1[Anton Benson's Knightmare Magazine, Issue 1]326 kB

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