A little time after Knightmare finished, I was really upset to see such a brilliant programme finish on TV. Most of my friends watched the show, but weren't really interested in it. I made the magazine to try and make them enjoy the show more, by giving basic facts about the characters etc.

As the magazine was made for my benefit (it was something for me to do that was Knightmare related), I didn't charge for it. However, I wanted to do more than just make a magazine, so I made it into a club - KM Club. KM stood for 'Knightmare Magazine'.

Issue one was handwritten because I didn't have access to my friend's computer at the time and he couldn't type it for me either. I think it was only after how badly done the first issue was that he offered to type the magazine for me. The magazine was successful and most people enjoyed the magazine. It came out every three months, at first, and then after a couple of issues it became as soon as I could get it out, which was usually every three to four months.

After a while people started to forget about Knightmare and took less interest in the magazine. This is why the magazine stopped after only five issues, - people weren't as interested and it was taking far too long to get a magazine out.

The magazine was made for my friends and contained little in depth detail on Knightmare for a couple of reasons. Firstly, as I have said, my friends didn't know a lot about Knightmare so I only wanted to put basic stuff in the magazine. Secondly I have only seen Knightmare Series 4-8. However, I have read the books and issues of 'The Quest', as well as playing the board game, so I do have a basic knowledge of the early series. I home you enjoy reading the magazines.

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