A 17,000 word, 8 chapter tale by David Ishida.

Crossed Paths

Should we kill him?’ asked the first.
No!’ replied the second. ‘There has been enough killing tonight.
You are right, Distilled-mischief,’ said the third. ‘But what can we do to him that he will remember?
All three pondered.
Perhaps…,’said the elf called Distilled-mischief. ‘What if we apply a runic base to his chest and then return him to his kind.
Yes,’ replied another, whose name as it happened was Flickering-candle. ‘That is a fair warning.
But if he comes back,’ warned the other. ‘We should kill him. Nothing should suffer like that deer.
They all nodded. Then they pulled their hoods back up and turned to the slumbering boy.



Crossed Paths: A 17,000 word, 8 chapter tale by David Ishida.

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