Artwork by Knightmare fan Martin Williams of Treguard the Dungeon Master.

For many, the urge to write about or draw Knightmare is the natural consequence of watching it. Here we present a new piece of fanart from Martin Williams. (You may already have seen it via the Knightmare Facebook page in June.) It is none other than Treguard, Lord Dunshelm, Dungeon Master, in his garb from Series 1 and 2.

The latter of course is currently back on our screens, thanks to Challenge TV. But the next episode isn't until Friday, which could be days away. So in the meantime, here's a chance to watch Treguard watching you.

treguard  knightmare  by cobra10-d6aqacg

New Knightmare fanfiction and fanart is always welcome at, and what better place for it to find a home than here?

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