• Convention appearances

    Convention appearances

    Hugo Myatt's appearance at Wat Con One, alongside fellow guest Tony Slattery (who kindly shared this photo), is just one of many cons he's been to since our own Knightmare Convention in 2014. Read More
  • 20 years of

    20 years of

    Our quest to celebrate Knightmare online began in 1999. Here's a look back at our journey to this 20-year milestone. Read More
  • Knightmare's YouTube special

    Knightmare's YouTube special

    19 years after it ended on CITV, Knightmare returned for a special one-off episode as part of YouTube's 2013 Geek Week. Many of Knightmare's original cast and crew reunited as a new team of slightly older adventurers took on the dungeon. Read More
  • Knightmare Pilot

    Knightmare Pilot

    It all started when Knightmare fan Billy Hicks came across the website of Richard Bonehill, a professional swordsman. Richard had appeared in the second pilot episode of Knightmare, filmed in January 1987, and was selling his script. Billy snapped it up and is here to share both his story and the script in all its detail. Read More
  • Uncovered Uncovered

    The transfer to the new site required an excavation of all the deepest corners of the Knightmare online kingdom. What's more, the amount of hidden material that has been uncovered has been astonishing. Keith McDonald shares a few favourite finds, and spells a few hopes for the future of the site. Read More
  • AegisQuest


    AegisQuest is a live-action RPG in which a group of advisors guide a blind quester through a dungeon of riddles, puzzles and traps in a Dungeons & Dragons style adventure. Despite being unrelated to Knightmare, it has a few similarities with the show we all know and love, and is well worth watching. The team behind AegisQuest has released a short pilot episode of their production. Read More
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Welcome, watchers of illusion..., the home of the award-winning children's adventure game show Knightmare.

Knightmare was shown from 1987 to 1994 on CITV in the UK and was produced by Broadsword Television Ltd. It starred Hugo Myatt as Treguard. Episodes have been repeated on Syfy and Challenge, with a one-off special released on YouTube in 2013.

As you travel onward through this domain, you will find a guide to every series and quest, interviews and photos from behind the scenes, fan creations from the past 20 years of this site, articles from official fan club newsletter The Quest and plenty more besides.

If you're new to Knightmare, we have an Introduction which explains all about the show and how it worked. We also recommend the History of Knightmare written by its creator Tim Child.

If you'd like to share your memories of Knightmare, or have a question about the show, you're welcome to submit an article or post on our forum. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. And if you have any friends or family who'd enjoy some Knightmare nostalgia, tell them to sidestep in our direction.

And just keep telling yourself: it's only a game. Isn't it?

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The seventh and final team of Series 6 must thwart an attack from Lord Fear's new red dragon.

Team 7: Chris, Nicholas, Gavin and Simon from Ruislip

The team has crossed the Level 2 causeway following advice from Greystagg.

See Team 7's progress so far.

Hordriss intervenes in an emergency. Lord Fear has released the red dragon to destroy Knightmare Castle.

Hordriss: "Listen to my voice and listen hard. My power grows weaker as it approaches.

"Lord Fear has released the red dragon to attack your stronghold, and to settle the game once and for all. It was the last straw when Greystagg rejected his alliance."

"The beast is airborn and on its way. Prepare for the worst!"

Smirkenorff was unable to save them as he had become weaker following Elita's capture.

Treguard instructs Chris to forget the sword and to seek out the galleon, Cloudwalker.

Treguard: "Its captain, Nemanor, hates Lord Fear. He keeps a lightning rod aboard to dispel storms.

"It's the only thing that will bring down a dragon. You must get it, and bring it to us."

Chris jogs through a set of dwarf tunnels and arrives at the ship.

Once he alerts Nemanor of the danger, the mariner is prepared to help.

Captain Nemanor: "I believe you, boy, for the truth often has an unpleasant ring about it. The lightning rod you seek is beneath this deck... Tell your Treguard to aim well, and not to miss."

Chris collects the lightning rod beneath the deck and heads for the hatch. The incidental music darkens.

Pickle: "Come on, Chris! Nearly there! Come on!!" (Everyone shouts).

He sprints down the tunnel.

Chris returns to the antechamber. Treguard promptly ushers him to safety and orders Pickle to collect the mace.

  • Treguard: "When I give the word, strike the Quest Table. First, cross my hand. Are you ready?"
  • Pickle: "Ready Master!"
  • Treguard: "NOW!!"

Treguard holds the lightning rod towards the magic mirror. As Pickle strikes themace, a bolt of lightning strikes across the mirror.

The red dragon is struck and killed.

The team was dismissed due to the strike upon the Quest Table. Treguard and Pickle wonder where the dragon has ended up.

The view switches to its smoking carcass. Lord Fear curses as he slowly emerges from beneath it.

  • Lord Fear: "Skarkill! Skarkill! Get me out of this. Where are you, you imbecile?"
  • Skarkill: "I can't! It's got me an'all. This is very unlovely. Its gone and bust me other leg an'all."

Skarkill notices they are being watched.

Lord Fear: "Ah, Treguard! Gloating are you? Well, you laugh, but we'll have the last laugh!

"We'll be back! Bigger, bolder, badder and better equipped. And as for your dungeoneers...


Treguard: "He means it, you know? The comforting thing is, that whenever the loud challenge rings out, whenever the braggart brays, wherever the bully hurls his abuse, there are always a few quieter folk prepared to simply stoop and pick up the gauntlet.

"And it will be thrown down again, you can count on that."

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