Duncan Jones, director of the forthcoming Warcraft film, remembers Knightmare.

We've known this pleasing fact for a good few years. In 2012, Duncan responded to a tweet (no longer visible) 'I bet you was on Knightmare' with 'haha! I DREAMED of being on that show! :)'

Later in the year, Duncan (a.k.a. @ManMadeMoon on Twitter) remarked that a recreation of Robot Wars between Mars rovers - summed up by a fellow Twitter user as ' Left left left! (four minutes later) *Curiosity falls in fire pit*' - would be a 'bit like "Knightmare"'.

Duncan was a guest on Episode 808 of The Nerdist podcast, released last week. One of the topics was interactive television gaming. Duncan again recalled Knightmare's gameplay, but in the heat of the moment, not its name:

"There was a British gameshow for kids [with] a dungeon master type character ... the kids would put on this helmet [so] that they couldn't see ... and then someone ... on the side would basically tell them which direction to walk."

This can be heard about 58 minutes into the podcast.

Due to some confusion off-mic, Duncan was told that the series was called "Master of the Maze". There was a US gameshow in the mid-1990s called Masters of the Maze, with one round involving a blindfolded contestant being guided by a teammate. But as we're sure you'll agree, 'similar to Knightmare' and 'Knightmare' just aren't the same thing. (A Knightmare pilot was made for the US in the early '90s: Lords of The Game. But that's another story.)

We didn't get to hear any particular Knightmare memories from Duncan, because the wide-ranging discussion moved on. But knowing that he is familiar with Knightmare only makes us more optimistic about his fantasy-RPG-based film Warcraft: The Beginning, out in cinemas this week.

We hope too that Duncan would take comfort from the connections between the world of Knightmare and his father David Bowie. In Series 2 (1988), one team were asked by Merlin: "What monster did Theseus encounter in the labyrinth?" Rejecting their first thought "Gorilla Thing", and bypassing Greek mythology in favour of film, they gave the answer "the Goblin King". Last year, Knightmare illustrator David Rowe revealed on social media that his brother-in-law and David Bowie used to perform together, and that he 'once had a discussion with David Bowie while he changed in his bedroom for a gig. [My wife] and I were going to paint a mural in his apartment in Beckenham. The mural didn't happen.' Fortunately for us, David Bowie's career, Duncan Jones and the art of Knightmare did.

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