On Saturday 14th September, Episode 6 of patriotic BBC One game show I Love My Country had a music round in which the teams (and audience, a.k.a. the supporters) were asked to guess "a trio of classic British TV theme tunes" played by the I Love My Country House Band. The first theme was from New Tricks (i.e. It's Alright); the third was from Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? (i.e. Whatever Happened To You); the second was none other than the Knightmare theme tune.
As we know, this was a theme tune that blasted like a pre-weekend fanfare into millions of 1980s and 1990s living rooms from John's End to Land O'Groats [note to self: double check place names before submitting article], and still plays into thousands of eager homes today thanks to Challenge TV's repeats of Series 1 and 2. So there's no debating that it is an unforgettable, unmistakable piece of music. Or is there? If you missed I Love My Country, you can find the episode for a week after broadcast via its webpage here and hear how the theme tune was greeted. (The music round starts at about 8 minutes.)
Here is a transcript of the music round:
Gabby Logan: Time for some music now. Our band are going to play a trio of classic British TV theme tunes and teams, what I want you to do is buzz in when you think you know all three. Supporters, you can help with this one as well, beware though, if you get any wrong, the three points go to the other side. Take it away, Jamelia.
[Jamelia sings It's Alright]
[House band plays Knightmare]
[Jamelia sings Whatever Happened To You?]
[Frank's team buzzes in]
Gabby: Woah! Wo-wo-wo-woah! OK! 
Frank: Oh God, this could go really wrong.
Edith Bowman: Come on, come on. The first one?
Gabby: Yeah?
Frank: We think it's New Tricks, Red Dwarf and Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?.
Gabby: You got two of the three, which means you [Micky's team] get the three points.
Frank: What?
Gabby: Did you know, did you know what the second one was? Anyone know what the second one was?
Unidentified guest: No idea.
Micky Flanagan: No.
Gabby: Ironically, it was Knightmare!
[Some wooing, an "Ooh", a "What's that?"]
Gabby: Remember that programme?
Dan Walker: It was a kids', kids' programme on ITV.
Gabby: Three points for you, Micky
Hmm. Perhaps it needed a Knightmare Live Lord Fear intro. And how was it ironic? We know you actually meant iconic, Mrs. Logan.
Spencer Millman, Series Producer for I Love My Country, has revealed on Twitter that Knightmare was his 'favourite programme growing up', which certainly seems to explain how the Knightmare theme tune got in there. We are glad.
Thank you to Chris Ballard and Chris Hannah for bringing us news of this via the forum and Facebook page respectively. Knightmare's theme tune, composed by Ed Welch, can be downloaded in its various versions via the links on our Audio & Video Clips page.

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