In early 2000, Hugo Myatt appeared as a vampire in a Chucklevision episode called 'Out for the Count'.

[Clips available below.]

On 16 February 2000, Hugo Myatt made an appearance as a 'vampire' on CBBC's Chucklevision. The episode was called 'Out for the Count' (Series 12, Episode 9).

Chuckle brothers Barry and Paul travel to Transylvania to enter a garlic hunting competition and win a Golden Globe. Despite the warnings about Castle Vlad, Paul is determined to stay there. A cautious Barry is concerned about their host.

"I think I'm in a nightmare," he says.

Paul says it's a common tactic to "keep the opposition awake all night".

Hugo springs out on the pair and chases them around one of the upper decks of the castle. Finally, Paul pauses everyone in front of a mirror. They can see the count's reflection - so he can't be a vampire.

Between a name-drop, a reference to the opposition, and a amber globe, there are clues to suggest a nod to Knightmare with Hugo's appearance. With the former dungeon master still active in children's television, we can only hope that a return to the underworld of Knightmare folklore may still be a future prospect.

Download clips below.

Download this file (chucklevision_hugo.mp3)Chucklevision Hugo Myatt[Entrance clip from Hugo Myatt's appearance on Chucklevision (16 February 2000).]129 kB
Download this file (chucklevision_nightmare.mp3)ChucklevisionNightmare.mp3[Treguard on Chucklevision. Thanks to Keith Moss.]96 kB
Download this file (chucklevision_nightmare.wmv)ChucklevisionNightmare.wmv[A video clip of Treguard on Chucklevision. Thanks to Keith Moss.]948 kB

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