Look-in, 1990-1992

With thanks to Jamie Hall of T-Bag fansite High-T Web for providing these scans. Click the thumbnails for full-size images.


Series 4 (1990)

In the 08/09/1990 issue, Hugo Myatt (Treguard) spoke about the use of exterior location backdrops in Series 4.

 knightmare lookin no36 08Sep90 pg26

In the 24/11/1990 issue, David Learner (Pickle) talked about a charity walk in which he'd participated.

knightmare lookin no47 24Nov90  pg26 knightmarewalk


Series 5 and Prior (1991)

An article in the 19/01/1991 issue invited team applications for the forthcoming fifth series, set to be filmed that summer.

knightmare lookin no3 19Jan91 pg1819

The 23/02/1991 issue had a competition in which readers could win copies of Fortress of Assassins (the third of the Knightmare books) and Knightmare sweatshirts.

knightmare lookin no8 23Feb91 pg7

Publicity photo from the 14/09/1990 issue showing Treguard, Pickle, Hordriss (Clifford Norgate) and Elita (Stephanie Hesp) in the antechamber.

knightmare lookin no37 14Sep91 pg12

On the next page of the same issue was a full-page article on the characters for this series. Note that the descriptions for the Gatemaster and Brother Mace are the wrong way round.

knightmare lookin no37 14Sep91 pg13


Series 6 and Prior (1992)

The 25/01/1992 issue had a competition in which readers could win the Knightmare board game and copies of the first four Knightmare books. See if the competition question would have stumped you.

knightmare lookin92 no4 25Jan92 pg31 competition

In the 12/09/1992 issue, Hugo Myatt revealed what Series 6 had in store. There are a number of errors and a sweet if questionable description of where Treguard and Pickle stand.

knightmare lookin92 no37 12Sep92 pg12 goodknight


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